Внедряем блокчейн

Внедряем блокчейн

We are ready to evaluate your idea about blockchain implementation.
For free.

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You provide a short description of your hypothesis using the form below.
How does it work?
Our team evaluates the hypothesis based on the following criteria:
— the necessity of blockchain technology to solve the problem;
— technical feasibility;
— cost and speed of implementation.
In a week you will get a short report with the results of our analysis.
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How can it help my company?
Your company will reduce the time it takes to develop the hypothesis and assess its viability. It will also get a second opinion about your idea and cost of the implementation. Companies pay consultants for that — we do it for free.
Why are you doing it for free?
We believe, that there is a lack of worthy cases of blockchain implementation in real life. We also do not appreciate, when blockchain is used when there is no need for it.

The mission of Sputnik DLT is to look for and find use cases, where the blockchain can truly solve problems. Block Advice is a great way to identify the areas where companies are facing problems and the processes which can be transformed with blockchain.
Will you be able to implement the idea if we ask you to?
Yes. Moreover, if the case is interesting, we are ready to do it for free
Is it confidential?
We do not disclose any information to third parties. We might publish your hypothesis and the results of our analysis in the future, but we will make sure that no confidential information (for instance, the company's name) is included.
Contact us at hello@sdlt.io or send message to Telegram @hellosdlt.